Metro Extracts

Parts of the OpenStreetMap database for major world cities and their surrounding areas. The goal of these extracts is to make it easy to make maps for major world cities, even if they cross state or national boundaries.

This collection is no longer maintained.

The fine folks at Mapzen have built a newer and more up-to-date version of Metro Extracts. Get data from and suggest changes at mapzen/metroextractor-cities.

Each city includes:

  1. Bzip’ed OpenStreetMap XML data in an .osm.bz2 file.
  2. Compressed OpenStreetMap binary PBF data in an .osm.pbf file.
  3. Coastline shapefile extracts of the immediate area in a .zip file.
  4. Point, line and polygon shapefiles from Osm2pgsql in a .zip file.

Provided by Michal Migurski on an expected monthly basis via extractotron. Contact me via Github to request new cities, or add them directly to cities.txt with a fork-and-pull-request. Thanks Nelson Minar for contributing the map browser, Smart Chicago for EC2 funding, and all cities.txt contributors.

Updated From Planet Dec 21, 2013

An archived copy of this collection of extracts from the March 14th 2012 Planet file (just before the April, 2012 license changeover) is available at Extracts here will continue to be updated into the future.

Coastline Shapefiles

Coastline objects in OpenStreetMap are not directly usable for rendering. They must first be joined into continent-sized polygons by the coastline error checker and converted to shapefiles. The files available below are up-to-date, error-corrected versions of the worldwide coastline generated using the code available from Subversion.

The coastline usually has errors in it. These files help show where those errors might be lurking, so that you can fix OpenStreetMap for the next time the coastline polygons are rendered: